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Leadership Team

Team Members

Day 1

November 12th, 2020

The Pull of Emerging Markets

01:00pm – 01:45pm

Moderator:  Dr. Ramon Lecuona, Assistant Professor, Tuck

Aniko Szigetvari – Atlantica Ventures

Geoff Woolley – Patamar Capital

Christopher Rogers – Lumia Capital

Cristobal Perdomo – Jaguar Ventures

Investing in Africa’s Startup Ecosystem

02:00pm – 2:30pm

Introduction & Q&A: Keri Arslancan, T’21

Hannah Subayi Kamuanga– Dazzle Angels

The Impact of Cryptocurrency

in Emerging Markets

02:45pm– 03:30pm

Moderator: Kim Grauer - Chainalysis

Carmelle Cadet – EMTech

Ibrahim Mohammed – OneGram

Joe Waltman –

Alejandro Beltrán Torrado –

A Comparison between

LATAM & Africa Private Equity

03:45pm – 4:30pm

Introduction & Q&A: Zoya Imam, T’21

Luc Gerard – Tribeca Asset Management

Exploring Opportunities

in the Most Undervalued EM region

04.45pm - 5.15pm

Introduction & Q&A: Krishna Desai, T’21

Ali Samir Oosman – Microsoft for Startups

Anthony McGuire – East West Hurricane

Navigating COVID-19

While Building a Natural Brand

05:30pm – 06:00pm

Introduction & Q&A: Tara Nooyi, T’21

Khulan Davaandorj – Lhamour

Day 2

November 13th, 2020

How to Scale and Go Global

1:00pm – 1:45pm

Moderator: Peter Oriaifo, T’22

Enis Hulli – 500 Startups

Junaid Iqbal – ex-Careem

Alison Collier – Endeavor

Bank of the Future

2:00pm - 03.00pm 

Moderator: Kimber Russell, T’22

Stone Atwine – Eversend

Will Artingstall – Citi

Francis Barel – PayPal

Aron Schwarzkopf – Kushki

Abhinav Dasgupta – Visa

Reigniting MercadoLibre’s DNA to drive the e-Commerce and Fintech Revolution in LATAM

03:45pm – 04:30pm

Introduction & Q&A: Franco Coria, T’21

Pedro Arnt – MercadoLibre

Building and Scaling a Billion Dollar Startup


04:45pm – 06.00pm

Introduction & Q&A: Teo Gonzalez, T’21

Andres Bilbao – Rappi

Day 3

November 14th, 2020

Importance of Regulations for Renewable Energy in the Emerging World

09:00am – 09:30am

Introduction & Q&A: Caleb Dorfman, T’21

Atem S. Ramsundersingh - WEnergy

Looking Beyond Due Diligence: How Ticking the Box Isn’t Enough

09:45am – 10:30am

Moderator: Ivan Florian, T’21

Hector Cateriano - MAS Equity Partners

Kwadwo Adjei-Barwuah - T5 Africa Capital Partners

Martin Biely – Cartesian Group

Eric Yu – MD Matrix Chin

Alberto Blohm – Miranda Capital

Challenges of Deploying Capital amid COVID concerns

10:45am – 11:45am

Moderator: Diego Lopez, T’22

Jeffrey Paine – Golden Gate Ventures

Pooja Yadav - CrossBounday Advisory

Olutosin Oni – EchoVC

Allen Taylor – Endeavor Catalyst

Jad El Boustani – MEVP

Leading the e-Commerce Revolution in Asia

12:00pm – 12:30pm

Introduction & Q&A: Teo Gonzalez, T’21

Jack Zhang - Lazada Thailand

Innovating the agricultural value chain

02:00pm - 02:30pm

Introduction & Q&A: Titilayo Arasi, T’22

Dominique Kavuisya – Taimba

Gender Alpha: Bridging the Gap

2:45pm – 03:45pm

Moderator: Titilayo Arasi, T’22