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April 6 - 7, 2023

In-person / Virtual: Zoom 
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Event Description
Tuck Emerging Markets Conference provides MBA students opportunities to increase awareness about Emerging Markets, network with leaders in investing and business in these regions, and a safe space to discuss key global issues from the context of developing regions. This year’s conference explores the impact of broad opportunities and challenges within emerging markets, focusing on disruptive business models in emerging economies that help bridge economic inequalities, climate change in developing regions, and PE/VC in the emerging markets, amongst others. We have 2 days of keynotes, panels, and small-group discussions and have a line-up of notable speakers who have worked and engaged with Emerging Markets (EM) and can talk about the rising importance of EM in Global Markets. You’ll get to hear specific anecdotes about doing business and investing in Emerging Markets and ideas on how to be a successful leader in such markets.

Disruptive business models

  • Explore the ways in which entrepreneurs address the distinctive attributes of local markets by creating disruptive business models

  • Examine how these models have been helping bridge economic inequalities within the region and help these countries jump the ranks economically

Climate change in developing regions

  • Analyze the profound impact of climate change on developing countries

  • Assess how various organizations and leaders have been trying to tackle the impact and are creating sustainable businesses to lower the climate burden of their ideas

PE/VC in the emerging markets

  • Delve into the various trends of investing in emerging markets and how several of these countries are emerging as start-up nations through the impetus given by the government and investors

  • Understand financing mechanisms, ever changing themes, and the growth predictions by investors for these regions

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